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Since 2006 Cipriano Landscape Design Has Won 60 Awards for the Design and Construction of Custom Swimming Pools, Landscaping and Masonry
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    "Seven years ago, the Cipriano team built and planted a complex landscape & masonry design for our four acre property, and the team continues to maintain our property with impeccable service." -Dwight Sipprelle

    "Cipriano Landscaping transformed our backyard into an elegant, functional outdoor retreat. Working with Cipriano was a hassle-free experience since they handled all aspects of the project from design and masonry, to plantings. Their workmanship and professionalism on the project more than exceeded our expectations. This outdoor renovation is a wonderful extension of our home that provides space for dining, entertaining and relaxing with family and friends." -Gina Springer

    "Chris is unbelievable; he and his men can build anything! We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of our project and having our property recognized internationally for his awards is an added bonus. If you want the best job you need to call Chris." -Bill Temiz

    "One of the reasons why we went with Chris and his company was he does everything - from the swimming pool, landscaping, to the lighting, to the sprinklers. None of the other contractors I spoke to really did the whole thing. And that was huge to us. Chris did an amazing job." -Brigid Scannell

    "We had five kids sunbathing on the waterfall stone today. It's amazing. When you walk into our backyard you can't believe you're still in New Jersey. Chris, you and your guys did a phenomenal job on our swimming pool and landscaping, oh and I would be remiss if I didn't mention all the beautiful stone work you did on the cabana and our home. Thank you for all your hard work!" -Peter Elfers

    "Chris, I just wanted to thank you and your men for all your hard work. The attention to detail you've achieved on our project is amazing. Everyone who walks into our backyard is speechless! We know where our kids are because our backyard is the place to be! The kids love the slide & waterfalls and I love my fireplace." -Jennifer Cuttone

    "Our backyard is beyond what we could have ever expected. We eat dinner outside almost every night and our kids never want to leave the pool. It was so nice having one company do the design and construction for our entire project. Ciprano has the most talented masons I've ever seen!" -Rocco Benedetto

    "I've done several renovations on my home and I can say without reservation that Cipriano Landscape Design was the most professional construction company I have ever done business with. I was always well informed and I couldn't believe the amount of production the men were able to produce on a daily basis. Cipriano's men were neat, polite, well managed and just a great group of guys. We couldn't be happier with the outcome of our project." -Dr. Ingenito

    "I would like to say that we definitely picked the right company to do our pool and landscaping! The waterfall is better than we could imagine. I can not say enough about Cipriano Custom swimming Pools and Landscaping. David & I are looking forward to many years of enjoyment." -Jennifer Graf

    "Chris, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for our beautiful new swimming pool and landscaping. Our backyard is absolutely gorgeous! Just as important to us was the timeliness that you started and completed the work. You delivered ahead of schedule. Exceeding our expectations and delivering as promissed is indeed rare in my experiences with contractors.

    Our family looks forward to many years of enjoyment with our new pool and waterfall. I am confident that you will be there for us if we have any problems - just as you were there for us as the pool was being built.

    Thank again for a job well done!" -Mark Shrekgast

    Testimonial Video- Clients Rave about Cipriano's Swimming Pool and Landscaping Projects.

    Swimming Pool & Landscape Design

    Specialists in the Design & Construction of Challenging Custom Pool & Landscape Projects

    Cipriano Landscape Design is one of the only turnkey firms in Northern New Jersey who can complete your entire custom landscape and inground swimming pool design and construction project. Since 2006 the Cipriano team has won 60 landscaping and swimming pool awards including 9 international design awards. In 2007 Cipriano Landscape Design was recognized as one of New Jersey's leading custom swimming pool builders with a "Best in Competition" Award from the North East Spa & Pool Association. When you hire Cipriano Landscape Design, not only do you reap the benefits of award winning experience, but you also feel the comfort of knowing every aspect of your landscaping and swimming pool project is designed, built, serviced and guaranteed by a single company.

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    The New Jersey Landscape Architecture/Design office of Cipriano Custom Swimming Pool & Landscaping is headed by William Moore NJ Certified Landscape Architect #823

    Landscape & Swimming Pool Designs are initiated by Certified New Jersey Landscape Architect William Moore. Bill brings his distinct, creative flair and unique design ideas to your new landscape and pool project or landscape and swimming pool renovations. As the head of the landscape architecture office, Bill's design team approaches your landscape and swimming pool project with a consistent design and management process, combining your goals with intelligent site planning to create a one of a kind backyard oasis for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

    Cipriano Landscape Design employs a staff of the industry's leading landscape and swimming pool professionals. These professionals include swimming pool technicians, horticulturists, stonemasons, licensed irrigation installers, carpenters and heavy equipment operators. This diverse staff allows Cipriano to complete your entire landscape and inground pool project from start to finish, bringing every one of our imaginative landscaping ideas to life. You can continue to focus on your business and family knowing your dream project is in the experienced hands of Cipriano Landscape Design

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    Before and Construction Photos

    Swimming pool construction Pool construction Swimming pool and landscape construction. Pool and landscape construction In ground pool construction In ground swimming pool tile In ground pool tile. In ground pool plaster.

    Completed Project Photos

    Pool Design Custom Pool Garden Design Glass tile swimming pool design Luxury pool Swimming Pool Landscape Vanishing edge pool design Glass tile pool design Swimming pool design In ground pool design Fiber optic swimming pools In ground swimming pools Custom Pool Design

    Case Study: Existing Swimming pool design did not capture the essence of the home or the surrounding landscape.

    Realtors always say that the three most important things to look for in a property are location, location and location. This old saying rang loud and clear for our clients when looking to remove their old uninspired swimming pool and create something truly custom and unique. The home is situated on ten secluded mountain top acres with a captivating view of the valley and nearby city below. Our clients loved their home and the rest of their property but were left feeling disappointed when in their old swimming pool and the landscaping in the surrounding area. Being seasoned world travelers, the homeowners had strong opinions on the landscape design, layout and materials. This turned out to be our best catalyst for bringing our swimming pool to a higher level of design and craftsmanship.

      Location: Kinnelon New Jersey

      Primary Landscape & Swimming Pool Designer: Bill Moore licensed NJ Landscape Architect of Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping

      Infield Designer: Chris Cipriano

      Swimming Pool & landscape Construction: Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping

      Masonry Construction: Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping

    Solution: Custom infinity edge swimming pool and landscaping design / construction.

    Infinity-edge swimming pool with custom features:

    • Fiber optic lighting which imitates a star illuminated night.
    • Colored fiber optic deck jet fountains which shoot colored water stream into the pool.
    • Colored pool lights with 50 color options.
    • Hand crafted iridescent glass tile set in a Grecian key pattern on the waterline and pool bottom.
    • In floor pool cleaning system in the swimming pool and spa.
    • Custom profiled pool coping designed by the Custom Stone Finishes division of Cipriano

    Landscape and Masonry Features:

    • Marbleized Limestone set in multiple patterns.
    • Natural stone piers with custom profiled trim and caps with built in irrigation and lighting.
    • Natural stone outdoor kitchen with stainless appliances with custom profiled trim and corbels.
    • Stone gazebo and garden ornaments and precast urns.
    • Tuscany design for the landscape garden.

    Solution: Custom Infinity Edge Swimming Pool and Landscaping Design / construction.

    The goal of the swimming pool design was to create an infinity edge swimming pool that accentuated the views off site. Setting the pool elevation and location on the property were scrutinized thoroughly. The shape was set to be a roman end pool with plenty of seating, a large spa and a Sunshelf at the shallow end, allowing all users a chance for active and passive recreation. The patio layout again was designed to allow users to spread out and enjoy the vast views with our new pool in the foreground.

    The house and surrounding landscape were on top of a mountain. Some of the landscape had rock shelf just a few feet down while other areas had up to a twenty foot depth of unsuitable fill conditions. The swimming pool area and subsurface soil were excavated to suitable shelf and subgrade, this required 1000 tons of clean stone below the pool and another 400 tons of compactable fill surrounding. This provided the stable base for the swimming pool, patios and landscaping.

    The finishes on the swimming pool are what really took this pool from great to spectacular. For example, the waterline tile of the swimming pool consisted of a two color hand casted half inch by half inch iridescent glass tile set in a Grecian key pattern. Pulling from that tile, one inch by one inch tiles were set at all the benches, steps and shelves as well as the overflow to the infinity edge. This led us to the installation of a three color iridescent glass Grecian key and border detail at the bottom of the swimming pool with a combined profile of approximately thirty inches wide. The floor tile was an add-on and was very challenging to install due to the head locations of the in floor pool cleaning system. In addition to the in floor cleaning system, the tile and plaster installation crews had to tiptoe around 200 fiber optic star floor lights on the pool floor. The swimming pool plaster was selected to accentuate the tile, using a washed, exposed aggregate finish which glistens in the summer sun.

    The limestone coping was template cut on site and we had the limestone detailed with a custom profile by our stone masons.

    The natural stone patio surrounding the swimming pool was another material that was unique to this landscaping project. Countless samples and testing were reviewed to match a photo the homeowners had of a pool in France. A limestone quarried from mid-west North America was selected. The coping and borders were a white range limestone. The patio field was a grey range limestone. Both were flame finished tops and all stone was set on 6” thick engineered concrete slabs.

    Lastly, the landscape lighting on the pool was another layer of the swimming pool which was tough on installation, but proved to be a breathtaking element to the project. There are two hundred star lights on the bottom of the swimming pool, three multi-color wall mounted lights in the spa and swimming pool and four illuminated deck jets on the corners. The urns on the masonry piers at the far side of the swimming pool have landscape lighting as do the entry piers. The landscape lighting design just finishes off the surrounding features, it accents and adds a whole new dimension to the swimming pool and landscaping after sunset.

    While the view from the house overlooking the valley was always breathtaking, we feel we have achieved a worthwhile foreground to that view. Our homeowners described the feeling of purchasing artwork when we discussed this project and said how, “Artwork is nice, you look at it, it makes you think and then you walk away”. The swimming pool surrounding landscape is much like that artwork they described except that, you look at the pool, it is nice, it makes you think, but then you don’t walk away, you enjoy the swimming pool for many years to come.

    Click below for Hi-Res Previews:

    Before and Construction Photos

    Swimming pool renovation. Pool renovation. Rock hammering swimming pool. Swimming pool and landscape drainage. Swimming pool & landscape rain garden. Pool & landscape construction. Swimming pool & landscape construction. In ground pool & landscape construction. Forming in ground. Gunite swimming pool construction. Gunite pool construction. Gunite swimming pool. Gunite pool patio construction. Swimming pool patio construction. Pool patio construction. Swimming pool & landscape construction. landscape and pool construction. Landscape swimming pool. Pool design.

    Completed Project Photos

    Swimming pool design Pool design and landscape design Large natural boulder waterfall Natural swimming pool Swimming pool design Swimming pool construction

    Case Study: Uninspiring Swimming Pool in a Terrible Location with no Landscaping in the Backyard Design

    Our prospect reached out to us because he saw our work and was hoping we could address some concerns he had with his swimming pool and landscaping. He told us he had purchased home with the swimming pool but the pool had some operating and cosmetic issues, he also felt the swimming pool was to close to the home. In addition to the swimming pool concerns there were considerable erosion and landscape issues which also needed to be addressed.

      Location: Mahwah, New Jersey

      Primary Landscape & Swimming Pool Designer: Bill Moore licensed NJ Landscape Architect of Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping

      Infield Designer: Chris Cipriano

      Swimming Pool & landscape Construction: Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping

      Masonry Construction: Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping

    Solution: A New Custom Natural Style Adirondack Swimming Pool and Landscaping Design with Spa, Volcanic Fire Pit and Large Natural Stone Waterfalls

    Adirondack style swimming pool with custom features:

    • Mammoth swimming pool with over 1350 square foot of swimming area.
    • Sun shelf garnished with hand crafted iridescent glass tile
    • Fiber optic pool lighting built into large natural waterfalls.
    • Colored pool lights with 50 color options.
    • Hand crafted iridescent glass tile set into trim of swimming pool and spa.
    • 250 Tons of boulders used to build a natural setting waterfall towering over the swimming pool.

    Landscape and Masonry Features:

    • Custom Volcanic Fire Pit™ offered exclusively from Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping
    • Natural TCO patio
    • Large boulders set for swimming pool waterfalls and blended into the landscape design.
    • Custom outdoor kitchen with built in grill, granite veneer and stone corbels
    • Lush gardens with colorful plants surround the swimming pool area deep into the woods to add layering and depth to the landscaping.
    • Engineered rain garden and bio swale for storm water management.

    We took him on a tour of some of our local custom landscaping and swimming pool projects. After looking at three local pools, we had worked out the size, shape of the swimming pool, height of waterfalls, type of boulders and patio/ coping stone to use and the lighting. Our clients loved the idea of a sunshelf as well so visitors could sit in a shallow water cove across from the waterfalls and enjoy the experience. We soon realized we were about to embark on the construction of a 1350 square foot, 200 tons of boulder masterpiece.

    We worked out our swimming pool and landscaping design and within a matter of weeks. Demolition of the old swimming pool was swift and efficient. The old swimming pool was six hundred and fifty square set as a raised design at twenty inches higher than the adjacent patio. When we ripped out the old pool debris and saw the old gunite swimming pool was shot on top of the exposed ledge rock, we realized why the unusual pool elevation was set the way it was. So it was time to bring in the rock hammer, "no problem, happens from time to time" is what we told our client. We didn't bargain for the private road entry bridge to the development which was exactly the weight of the machine & hammer, without the truck and trailer! Also, the bridge clearance was exactly four inches wider then the distance of the tracks. We drove the machine across the bridge, over plywood, with men on either side to verify clearance. Needless to say that we, the owners and the adjacent property owners were all relieved when the hammering was behind us.

    Weathered Sandstone boulders were selected for the swimming pool waterfalls and surrounding landscape. Boulders were carefully strapped and set into place as to not damage the moss, ferns and lichen present on the stone. Three separate waterfalls were constructed on the swimming pool ledge to create varied effects with water and sound. The largest waterfall is fed by a small stream of cascading boulders, all set within an extended pool shell. Over two hundred and fifty tons of stone were used to create the swimming pool waterfalls and transitional planted boulder landscape slopes. Three 5 hp pumps utilizing six-inch lines were installed to push the 1200 gallons of water over the stone waterfalls. All of the boulders were set within an engineered, steel reinforced gunite pool shell, which doubled as a retaining wall holding back the adjacent slope.

    Finishes and details were not overlooked in the process of building this large swimming pool and waterfalls. A one inch by two inch running bond tile mosaic of slate and iridescent glass tiles was installed at the pool waterline and step and shelf banding. Grey Tennessee Crab Orchard was installed as the pool coping and patio with irregular pieces as large as three foot by four foot. Color changing lights were installed in the swimming pool; two in the pool, one at the Sunshelf and one in the spa. Fiber optic spot lights were also installed in and around the waterfalls to create shadows, depth and accents on the stone. An exposed aggregate plaster was installed in the swimming pool to create a sparkle in the water. The icing on the cake was the volcanic fire pit installed between the main waterfall and the oversized spa. Natural gas powered flames rise from a bed of crushed glass and light up the cave created with the natural boulders.

    Landscaping and planting work was the last element to finishing this pool project. A mature maple tree was transplanted from on site to create the feeling of the woodland forest coming up to the edge of the mountain pond. Extensive drainage was required on the site. A bio swale with plants and native rock carries the runoff down to a rain garden. A rain garden is a shallow depression in the landscape with well draining soils and vegetation to catch water and filter it back down to the ground water. Lastly, summer flowering plants create a softer edge the large quantities of stone on the project.

    Through all the adversities, selections and shear magnitude of constructing the swimming pool and landscaping, the homeowner was left with a beautiful and soundly built project. Not to mention, we had a lot of fun building it!

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