Rain Gardens NJ-Creative Rain Garden Design for Small Yards

Rain Gardens NJ-Creative Rain Garden Design for Small Yards

Rain Gardens NJ-Creative Rain Garden Design Ideas for Traditional, Modern & Natural Small Yards from NJ Landscaping Expert Cipriano Landscape Design

A rain garden is a shallow depression that utilizes plants and soils to filter and clean storm water runoff before it enters the ground. Rain gardens are extremely valuable in reducing your property’s environmental impact. In some instances, the utilization of a rain garden may allow you to develop larger areas of the property for features such as swimming pools or patios. Whatever the reason behind your rain garden, you will be happy to know that the unique landscape feature can be designed even for the smallest of spaces. Let’s take a very brief look at how you might incorporate a rain garden design for small yards.

How do we accomplish a successful rain garden design while keeping aesthetics and space in mind within the small backyard area? Fortunately, rain gardens, despite being a very specific type of garden design, have plenty of versatility when it comes to style, shape, and materials. The rain garden can be any shape as long as it is able to hold the required volume of water. In a long, narrow area, for example, you can disguise the rain garden as a dry riverbed with a natural style. For a modern look, you can line the depression with a formal wood or metal border; you might then plant your rain garden plants in the center of the depression. I would pick out tall slender grasses. In a small, symmetrical space, you can create the depression and use a statue, planter, or small pedestal as a centerpiece. Rain garden plants can surround the centerpiece for a nice design.

Overall, these basic ideas can be used for inspiration as your approach a rain garden design for your small yard. Be creative with the small, specific space and try to incorporate it into the rest of the landscape design. Remember to use appropriate plants for a rain garden, which start with hardy, native plants of your area. With appropriate plant materials and unique landscaping ideas, you can accomplish your sustainability goals in style. If you have any questions about rain garden design, please contact us. Also, feel free to take a look at an old blog we wrote about a Mahwah, NJ rain garden.


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