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NJ Paver Driveway Design Ideas – Pavers vs. Asphalt Surface

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

NJ Paver Driveway Design Ideas – Pavers vs. Asphalt Surface

NJ Paver Driveway Design Ideas – Pavers vs. Asphalt Surface by Cipriano Landscape Design Highlights Alpine and Franklin Lakes NJ Landscape Projects

One of the most commonly overlooked pieces of landscape architecture is the driveway. The driveway plays an important role in the landscape design. You use it every day for practical reasons to drive in and out of your house. The driveway also sets the tone for welcoming guests to your home. A nice driveway will add to the curb appeal of your house and attract attention from guests and passersby. Have you ever considered what sort of landscaping ideas and considerations lay behind a nice driveway? In this blog, we will take a look at the pros and cons of choosing between a paver driveway and a simple asphalt driveway.

Pavers, whether concrete, Belgian block, or cobblestone, provide some great advantages, but they come with a cost. A paver driveway is a luxury finish with upscale appeal. With mixed colors and shapes, you can give the entire landscape some more detail and interest. As far as durability goes, you will never have to replace the driveway because pavers are easy to repair if settling occurs. Overall, the paver driveway has more value over time than asphalt. Unfortunately, the paver driveway can be cost prohibitive, and you will have to watch out for oil stains and spots that require cleaning.

Asphalt is the other driveway design option. The asphalt driveway is smooth, inexpensive, and quick to install. The surface is cheaper and great for driveway sports like hockey and basketball. On the downside, asphalt has a 7 to 20 year life expectancy based on proper installation and climate. Cracking and dimpling can occur shortly after the quick installation. Also, you cannot adjust the areas that puddle. Asphalt is not considered an upscale finish. In general, it offers a low return on your investment.

For your driveway project or landscape renovation, choose between the characteristics that mean the most to you, your family, and your lifestyle. Active families with kids may opt for a smoother surface. A luxury home with no need for basketball or hockey could make natural stone pavers a nice option. You might also choose cobblestone aprons, borders, or entries that accent the driveway in style but do not cost as much as a complete cobblestone driveway. That approach also functions to balance a luxury look with a fun surface for driveway sports. I hope this information may be helpful to you in your landscape design process. As always, call or email with any questions.