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NJ Landscape Designer – Shelter & Privacy Landscaping

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

NJ Landscape Designer – Shelter & Privacy Landscaping

Shelter and Privacy Landscaping Design Ideas from Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping of Mahwah, NJ

If you think about it, what does every room in your house have in common? Walls and a ceiling, unless of course you have your own observatory, but we can put that notion aside for now. The ceiling, the walls, and the roof provide privacy and shelter for you and your family. One of the most popular trends in the landscape design industry is to create the luxury outdoor room. Shouldn’t these comfortable outdoor rooms offer privacy and shelter found within the house? The best outdoor living spaces feature masonry and landscaping ideas that shield you from nearby neighbors, looming houses, the sweltering sun, and dismal weather conditions.


Do you live in a neighborhood where all the houses are close together? Are you famous? Do you have paparazzi following you around everywhere you go? The privacy of your home can be improved through landscaping and masonry. First you can consider plant life. Mature trees, shrubs, or bamboo can be used for screening purposes. Evergreens are a nice option for year-round privacy from nearby neighbors. Strategically placed trees will offer privacy at a lower cost than masonry walls and structures. Masonry structures, such as fireplaces, walls decorated with fabrics, architectural elements, televisions, or even waterfalls, can offer privacy in unique and beautiful ways.


Shelter, or a ceiling, is another useful component of the luxury outdoor living space. If you provide a roof to the outdoor room, you allow yourself the possibility of enjoying the landscape design rain or shine. On nice days, the structures will shield from the sun as much as they shield from the rain. Shade will help you to relax and take it easy, providing the perfect place to take a load off and gaze upon the surroundings of the backyard landscape. In terms of actual structures, you may choose pergolas, pergolas with retractable awnings, pavilions, custom awnings, and oversized umbrellas. A patio can also be placed under a raised deck area. The deck could utilize a dry-below system, which prevents rain from dripping through any cracks in the decking. These are all very nice and versatile options with different styles. Personal preference and where you are with construction will help you choose the best option for your project.

I hope you can consult with your landscape architecture firm about these two great outdoor living ideas. Privacy, depending upon your home, preference, and celebrity status, could be a priority for you. Shelter can give you a nice balance between outdoor living and protection from the natural elements like sunshine and rain. Rain or shine, you will have a comfortable chance to get outside and reap the benefits of a well thought-out landscape design. The luxury of outdoor rooms might then be completely indistinguishable from the comfort of indoor living inside the home.

Antiques in Landscape Design Add Old World Charm

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Landscape Design can be elevated with the proper use of antiques, Cipriano Landscape Design shares techniques utilized in a New Jersey landscape design project

Over a decade ago, the old Hotel Dorset on 54th Street in New York City was sold to the Museum of Modern Art, who intended to use the building as an addition. The MOMA demolished the exterior of the building in order to transform it into art galleries and offices. In 2000, when the walls came down and demolition began, an antique medallion was salvaged from the original structure built in 1927 by architect Emery Ross. (Emery Ross and his sons played significant roles in the construction of many major NY buildings, including the World Trade Center.) For ten years, the salvaged antique medallion had a life of its own, until 2010, when it found its new home above an Old World swimming pool in New Jersey. Above the swimming pool, the antique was transformed into a working water feature with an additional custom sculpture set in the center of the piece.

A growing trend in swimming pool and landscape design is to incorporate antiques into projects. The story of this antique medallion represents the unbelievable journey of antiques as they travel for many years from their original sites to modern day landscape and swimming pool design. Skilled swimming pool and landscape designers have a keen-eye for one-of-a-kind pieces that can accent back yards in beautiful ways.

The key to the successful incorporation of antiques into a landscape design is establishing a style or theme and applying the antique treasure in a unique, practical, and appropriate way. Let’s use the antique medallion as a way of exemplifying these skills. The treasured medallion fits nicely above the swimming pool as a result of the Old World theme and elegant style. The swimming pool itself is small and designed for quiet relaxation, rather than recreation. As a result, the pool is able to reach a very high level of delicate intricacy. Along the back of the pool, there is a large barrier wall in need of decoration and a centerpiece. With concrete sculptures of lion heads and satyrs, as well as detailed precast concrete coping made to look like aged stone, this pool hosts the antique medallion quite fittingly. An antique medallion matches the Old World design and ornate style. The storied medallion also contributes to the mystical qualities provided by the sculptures.

Next, the seamless integration of the antique requires that it be a practical addition to the overall swimming pool and landscape design. In this case, the antique was transformed into a fountain. Six other fountains line the barrier wall, so naturally the centerpiece should provide the largest stream of water. A small trough was designed for the center of the medallion. The fountain in the medallion represents the antique’s usefulness to the swimming pool. Many antiques seem randomly thrown into swimming pools and landscapes so that designers can say there’s an antique in their design. This antique is the highlight of the entire yard, and it actively demonstrates this by serving as the swimming pool’s largest water feature.

Finally, an antique has to fit seamlessly within the swimming pool and landscape design. While most antiques are unique, some shine as one-of-a-kind treasures. In the medallion’s case, a hand-crafted concrete sculpture of a seahorse was placed in the center, bending around the fountain spigot. The seahorse has the head of a real horse and the fin of a mermaid. The intricate sculpture at the center of the antique medallion provides character to the antique just as it benefits the look of the elegantly mystical pool as a whole.

In conclusion, an antique addition to a swimming pool or landscape must be appropriate to the design, practical towards the goals of the design, and unique in its contribution to the overall project. Expand your landscape and pool design ideas with useful antiques. You can successfully incorporate antiques such as terra cotta medallions, columns from India, fire bowls from Turkey, and extravagant neoclassical rotundas into a swimming pool or landscape design. All you have to do is decide on a style and theme. Use your imagination. Search for that one-of-a-kind treasure that will set your yard apart from anything anyone has ever seen before. If you head in the right direction, keeping in mind appropriateness, practicality, and uniqueness, you could stumble across the perfect accent to your custom swimming pool and landscape.