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Great NJ Swimming Pool Plans–Complete Plans Save Time & Money

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Great NJ Swimming Pool Plans – Complete Plans Save Time & Money

How To Save 40K on Your Pool Construction Project NJ- Swimming Pool Plans and Design Benefits from NJ Pool Design & Construction Firm Cipriano Landscape Design

A beautiful sketch drawn by a landscape designer can make your new pool look very attractive, but do you really want move forward with the project without a good set of swimming pool plans? What value do complete swimming pool plans have for your inground pool project? These questions are very pertinent as you approach your new pool project or pool renovation. Complete swimming pool plans should not be underestimated. In this blog, I will try to explain how pool plans can play a crucial role in almost every aspect of your new swimming pool.

When you get a sketch, will it include setbacks and infrastructure layouts such as drainage tanks or a septic system? What else is missing? Is the sketch within impervious coverage limitations? How about the required drainage details for the approvals? Without a good set of plans, it becomes very unclear what you are paying for and what in fact you will receive from a given pool builder. A sketch or generic set of plans will leave you with a lot of grey areas that will expose you to extras. In fact, a contractor may use these openings to cut corners or add a lot of extras in the end. These inadequate pool plans generally cost 10 to 20% more in construction costs due to unforeseen challenges and expenses. On a $200,000 project that can be up to $40,000!

A good set of plans includes everything you need to get a complete price and permits, including dimensions of all the structures, structural details for permitting, top and bottom wall elevations, quantity of steps, drainage layout and details, plant layout and schedule. This takes time and will cost you more upfront for the plans, but you will be happy at the end of the project when you don’t have thousands of dollars in unforeseen extras.  The detailed plans force pool builders to be very specific when they tell you how much it will cost to build the pool precisely according to plans. If a pool company can give a price for construction without providing a detailed design, chances are, the final cost will be a lot higher than expected.

In essence, there is an element of clarity, comfort, safety, and cost-effectiveness to investing in a great set of pool plans. Great pool designs let you know what you will be getting from a pool builder before ground is broken on the pool. You will also know what you are getting and for how much you will get it. Once you have a good set of pool plans, you can receive accurate quotes for pool construction. You will also have a cost range at which you can build that pool design, depending upon the materials you choose for finishes, coping, patios, etc.