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Plan To Cover a NJ Custom Swimming Pool This Winter?

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Plan To Cover a NJ Custom Swimming Pool This Winter?

Winter Custom Swimming Pool and the Benefits of a Year-Round Luxury Swimming Pool

Not so fast! Don’t be so quick to cover your pool in the winter. As the weather starts to cool around New Jersey homes, people frantically race to cover the pool. Because it is so common, many homeowners don’t even realize that it’s perfectly feasible to run a luxurious winter swimming pool, even in cold-weather climates. Let us take a look at the advantages of running a year-round pool. Doesn’t it seem like a nice option to maximize your time spent enjoying the investment of a swimming pool? Here are some potential benefits of leaving the pool open year-round.


First and foremost, winter swimming pools have more potential for natural beauty than any other swimming pool setting. Why? Frankly, a luxury pool surrounded by snow is something of a dream. The appeal equates to the refreshing coolness of a pool during summer; the warmth of the water has the feel of a refreshing hot spring. The visual effect is even more unique. Evergreens covered in snow, holiday lights shining brightly, tan, wispy ornamental grasses, and a swimming pool topped with a mystifying layer of steam create a backyard winter wonderland.


Year-round functionality is another advantage. If you cover the pool in winter, you incur the headache and expense of opening and closing, which can cost more than the total seasonal operation of the pool. The expensive inconvenience is compounded by the simple fact that you cannot use the pool if it’s closed. If you don’t cover the pool, you can maximize your investment through year-round swimming or just year-round aesthetic enjoyment. A custom pool that we completed two years ago remains open all year; while it is winterized and not used for swimming, it maintains a beautiful, natural look throughout the cold winter months. In a sense, the luxury pool transforms into wintry pond after the leaves fall and the air cools.  On another project in Bedford, New York, which is currently under construction, the plan is to run the pool year-round. Insulation, piping below the frost line, and a one million BTU high efficiency pool heater will allow the homeowner to enjoy the perimeter overflow spa, swim laps in the pool, or kayak against the 1200 GPM swimjet current throughout the year!


Now, for a pool that is not winterized, you may have concerns about freezing if you own a home in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or anywhere else in the Northeast. Freezing is the primary concern for inground pool owners who have heard horror stories about pipes breaking for decades. Fortunately, today’s pool technology includes automated freeze protection in the control panel that circulates the water if the temperature dips below freezing. This technology applies to inground pools, spas, waterfalls, and other water features. In some instances, if you don’t want the year-round pool, you can enjoy a year-round spa that runs separately when the pool is closed.

Dream Scenario

Now, what happens when the pool includes all of the year-round amenities to make it a perfectly functional luxury pool? When all is said and done, in a perfect world, pool designs will feature state-of-the-art technology that allows homeowners to efficiently heat, sanitize, and protect the pool during winter. Energy efficient heaters will minimize costs on heating during winter, minimize costs of chemicals in the extra winter months, and keep the pool, spa, and water features running smoothly. To wrap up the whole winter, outdoor living experience, you can include a fireplace and fire pit somewhere around the yard as well. The pool design described earlier in Bedford, NY includes all of the previously mentioned pool amenities, as well as a heated, natural stone patio for a more comfortable walk around the pool during winter!