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Since 2006 Cipriano Landscape Design Has Won 60 Awards for the Design and Construction of Custom Swimming Pools, Landscaping and Masonry
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    "Seven years ago, the Cipriano team built and planted a complex landscape & masonry design for our four acre property, and the team continues to maintain our property with impeccable service." -Dwight Sipprelle

    "Cipriano Landscaping transformed our backyard into an elegant, functional outdoor retreat. Working with Cipriano was a hassle-free experience since they handled all aspects of the project from design and masonry, to plantings. Their workmanship and professionalism on the project more than exceeded our expectations. This outdoor renovation is a wonderful extension of our home that provides space for dining, entertaining and relaxing with family and friends." -Gina Springer

    "Chris is unbelievable; he and his men can build anything! We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of our project and having our property recognized internationally for his awards is an added bonus. If you want the best job you need to call Chris." -Bill Temiz

    "One of the reasons why we went with Chris and his company was he does everything - from the swimming pool, landscaping, to the lighting, to the sprinklers. None of the other contractors I spoke to really did the whole thing. And that was huge to us. Chris did an amazing job." -Brigid Scannell

    "We had five kids sunbathing on the waterfall stone today. It's amazing. When you walk into our backyard you can't believe you're still in New Jersey. Chris, you and your guys did a phenomenal job on our swimming pool and landscaping, oh and I would be remiss if I didn't mention all the beautiful stone work you did on the cabana and our home. Thank you for all your hard work!" -Peter Elfers

    "Chris, I just wanted to thank you and your men for all your hard work. The attention to detail you've achieved on our project is amazing. Everyone who walks into our backyard is speechless! We know where our kids are because our backyard is the place to be! The kids love the slide & waterfalls and I love my fireplace." -Jennifer Cuttone

    "Our backyard is beyond what we could have ever expected. We eat dinner outside almost every night and our kids never want to leave the pool. It was so nice having one company do the design and construction for our entire project. Ciprano has the most talented masons I've ever seen!" -Rocco Benedetto

    "I've done several renovations on my home and I can say without reservation that Cipriano Landscape Design was the most professional construction company I have ever done business with. I was always well informed and I couldn't believe the amount of production the men were able to produce on a daily basis. Cipriano's men were neat, polite, well managed and just a great group of guys. We couldn't be happier with the outcome of our project." -Dr. Ingenito

    "I would like to say that we definitely picked the right company to do our pool and landscaping! The waterfall is better than we could imagine. I can not say enough about Cipriano Custom swimming Pools and Landscaping. David & I are looking forward to many years of enjoyment." -Jennifer Graf

    "Chris, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for our beautiful new swimming pool and landscaping. Our backyard is absolutely gorgeous! Just as important to us was the timeliness that you started and completed the work. You delivered ahead of schedule. Exceeding our expectations and delivering as promissed is indeed rare in my experiences with contractors.

    Our family looks forward to many years of enjoyment with our new pool and waterfall. I am confident that you will be there for us if we have any problems - just as you were there for us as the pool was being built.

    Thank again for a job well done!" -Mark Shrekgast

    9X International Swimming Pool Design Winner

    Testimonial Video- Landscape design and landscape design construction.

    Since 2006 Cipriano Landscape Design Has Won 60 Awards for the Design and Construction of Custom Swimming Pools, Landscaping and Masonry

    These Awards Include:

    North East Spa and Pool Association Design & Construction Award

    9 Time APSP International Award of Excellence Recipient for Swimming Pool Design & Construction Including Four Pool Design & Construction Awards for 2011

    North East Spa and Pool Association Design & Construction Award

    2011 Mason Contractors Association Of America TEAM (Tribute to Exemplary Achievement in Masonry) Award For Swimming Pool Masonry Design & Construction

    North East Spa and Swimming Pool Association Design & Construction Award

    2007 Best Inground Pool Design and Construction from the North East Spa and Pool Association

    As a 9-time international inground swimming pool design award-winner and a Certified Building Professional with the APSP, our team at Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping would love the opportunity to design and build a one-of-a-kind custom swimming pool and landscape for you and your family. Since 2006, our company has won 60 awards of excellence for the design and construction of custom swimming pool and landscaping projects built in the New York and New Jersey Tri-state area, more awards than any other New Jersey based swimming pool and landscaping design / build firm.

    fiber optic pool designs New Jersey

    Our swimming pool designs incorporate the finest inground swimming pool amenities. This extensive experience includes vanishing edge swimming pool designs, 300-ton natural stone waterfall designs, iridescent glass tile pool designs, and fiber optic pool designs. In addition to these classic luxury amenities, we also offer the latest fun pool features, such as the Volcanic Fire Pit designed into the side of a waterfall, the NEW "Dive-In Movie Theater" for a unique, cinematic pool design, and a backyard kayaking system for the most adventurous pool designs.

    The design process, initiated by our on-staff NJ Landscape Architect Bill Moore, focuses on careful planning and detailed designs of inground swimming pools and water features. This is essential in creating the ambiance desired in a luxurious custom pool and landscape design; quality pool designs will also cut unnecessary expenses and unforeseen costs. Our professional staff here at Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping utilizes many years of experience and state of the art equipment to design and build the most breathtaking swimming pools and landscape environments.

    fiber optic pool designs New Jersey

    These swimming pool designs showcase outdoor kitchens / grills, natural stone fire features, masonry patios and walls, fiber optic and LED pool lights, glass tile mosaics, waterslides, spas, and lush landscapes. Our skilled team of landscape, masonry, and pool professionals integrates each component of the outdoor living space in seamless fashion. From the landscape architecture office to the hands of our adept staff, the integrity of the design and your goals as a homeowner receive our complete focus and dedication. The design and build process, combined with complete pool, masonry, and landscape services, makes this easy, one-stop solution the best pool design option in New Jersey.

    Cipriano's proven success in custom pool design is a direct result of growing through experience, learning through continuing education, and staying at the forefront of the industry with new products and services. Call today to make an appointment with an inground swimming pool design and construction expert from Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping.

    Looking to renovate an existing swimming pool design? Let our award winning CBP professionals modernize your in ground pool or spa design with the latest features and finishes. Also choose from the latest high efficiency options such as heat pumps, solar heated swimming pools, Geo thermal heated swimming pools and variable speed pool pumps which can all significantly reduce your swimming pool's operating costs.

    lighting design for luxury swimming pools Swimming pool planting designs New Jersey Swimming pool pation design NJ New mexico limestone pool patio design Pool designs with outdoor grills

    Pool Lighting Design

    lighting design for luxury swimming pools

    Pool designs dazzle with fiber optic and LED lighting displays. Color LED lighting and fiber optic lights accent and excite the swimming pool design with colorful waterfalls, grottos, and spas. Pool designs with fiber optic star lights, fiber optic spot lights, fiber optic deck jets, and fiber optic rope lighting have 24-hour functionality and true style.

    Swimming Pool Landscaping Design

    Swimming pool planting designs New Jersey

    Swimming pool designs with scenic landscaping tie the pool seamlessly into the outdoor living space. With over 20 years' experience in the landscape industry, Cipriano has the ability to successfully balance swimming pool design with hardscaping and landscaping design. Mature tree plantings, rain garden design, shade garden design, edible landscaping design, poolside plantings, water feature landscaping and landscaping maintenance services allow our swimming pool designs to flourish in their appropriate surroundings.

    Swimming Pool Design

    Swimming pool pation design NJ

    Swimming pool designs from Cipriano include the finest amenities available. The swimming pool design portfolio includes glass tile pool design, fiber optic pool design, natural pool design, infinity pool design, and tropical swimming pool design. Combined with pool construction and masonry services, Cipriano swimming pool design creates the perfect process for an all-inclusive pool, spa, patio, waterfall, beach entry, fire feature, waterslide, and water feature project.

    Pool Hardscaping & Masonry Design

    New mexico limestone pool patio design

    Hardscaping is a key component to any swimming pool design. Our masons have installed over 120,000 square feet of natural stone patios, many of which surround custom pool designs. Pool patios, fire pits, natural stone veneer, faux stone grottos, and faux stone waterfalls give the swimming pool masonry & hardscaping design style and structure. Experienced masons frame the swimming pool design with patios that last, fire pits that warm, and stone walls that define the outdoor living space.

    Pool Design with Outdoor Kitchens

    Pool designs with outdoor grills

    Pool designs with outdoor kitchens give homeowners the perfect poolside dining experience. Natural stone outdoor kitchens not only accent the pool design aesthetically but also increase the amount of time spent relaxing around the pool. Natural stone outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces allow homeowners to entertain outside without ever finding a reason to leave. Detailed corbels, custom backsplash, unique balusters, personalized fireplaces, and ever kitchen appliance give practical outdoor kitchens and fireplaces enough style to stand out next to a luxury swimming pool design.

    Try our 7 day swimming pool renovation special! New Coping, Tile and plaster completed in just seven days!

    Revitalize your pool with the latest features

    • Coping:
      • Natural stone coping template cut on site.
      • Custom profiled edges, individually created for each project
    • Tile:
      • Hand cut glass tile
      • Custom tumble stone tile mosaics
      • Natural stone slates
    • Plaster:
      • Diamond Bright light aggregate swimming pool finishes
      • Pebble Tech aggregate swimming pool finishes
      • Hydrazzo aggregate swimming pool finishes
      • Beadcrete glass bead swimming pool finishes
      • Complete glass tile swimming pool pools
    • Pool Lights:
      • LED multi color swimming pool lights
      • Fiber optic swimming pool bottoms

    APSP reminds parents that these “layers” are backups to the only sure means of accident prevention: Responsible Adult Supervision.

      Automatic, Power Safety Covers

      PURPOSE: An impenetrable covering that completely covers the swimming pool, blocking access to water. Cover is operated electronically or by a key independent of all other swimming pool equipment.


      PURPOSE: To isolate the swimming pool by way of a minimum four-foot-high enclosure.

      Manual Swimming Pool Safety Covers

      PURPOSE: An impenetrable covering that completely covers the swimming pool, spa, or hot tub, blocking access to water.

      Door Exit Alarms

      PURPOSE: Warns parent or guardian when a child opens the door to the swimming pool area.

      Self-closing/self-latching devices for doors and latching devices for windows

      PURPOSE: Keeps all doors and windows leading to the swimming pool, spa, or hot tub area securely closed, limiting access by children.

      Fence Gate Closer & Latch

      PURPOSE: To close and latch fence gates securely, making a swimming pool, spa, or hot tub inaccessible to a child.

      Fence Gate Alarms

      PURPOSE: Sounds when fence gate is open to the swimming pool area.

      Infrared Detectors

      PURPOSE: Wireless detection alarm that sounds when the area around the swimming pool perimeter is entered.

      Pool Alarms

      PURPOSE: An alarm placed in the swimming pool that sounds upon detection of accidental or unauthorized entrance into the water.

      Child Alarms

      PURPOSE: An alarm clipped on the child that sounds when the child exceeds a certain distance or becomes submerged in water.

      Rope & Float Line

      A rope & float line should be placed across the pool, alerting swimmers to the separation of the deep end from the shallow end of the swimming pool.

      Life Ring, Shepherd’s Hook

      All rescue equipment should be placed near the swimming pool in an easily accessible spot, and should be kept in good condition. These can be used to pull someone in trouble to safety.

      Posted Emergency Information

      Post all CPR, other emergency information, and warning signs, as well as the emergency phone number “911” (or other emergency medical service number), near the swimming pool, spa, or hot tub.

      Outside Telephone

      A cordless or poolside telephone means parents don’t have to leave children unattended while they answer the phone. Also, it’s a good idea to.

    Ways to reduce swimming pool energy costs with Sustainable Pool Technology ™ by Cipriano

    • High Efficiency Swimming Pool Heaters for Custom Pools.
    • High efficiency gas heating systems for swimming pools are now available that are 89-97% efficient. Heater efficiency is the ratio of usable output to energy input. . With innovations in hydraulics, heat exchanger technology, forced draft combustion systems, and pilot-less ignitions, efficiency has almost doubled in recent years.

    • High Efficiency Swimming Pool Pumps
    • Using properly sized energy-efficient pool pumps and motors when replacing older pumps and motors, or when designing new swimming pools, can significantly lower the electrical consumption of pool operating costs. Pumps should also be on timers so once the swimming pool water has been completely recycled the pumps can be turned off during off peak hours.

    • 2 Speed Swimming Pool Pumps
    • Also consider a high efficiency, two speed swimming pool pumps at the correct horsepower rating. With a two speed pump you normally run the pump on low except for vacuuming and backwashing. The low speed is much quieter and consumes much less electricity.

    • In Floor Cleaning System
    • An in-floor swimming pool cleaning system, with the circulating nozzle system that claims a ninety-nine percent clean swimming pool, it also helps reduce the common surface collection of chemicals on the pool bottom. Multiple nozzles on the swimming pool floor and steps not only clean the pool and maintain a consistent distribution of chemicals it also circulates heated water for a more heating efficient and cleaner pool. The in floor cleaner re circulates water from the bottom of the pool reduces heating cost by 45% and cleaning by 45% , chemical usage by 45% and claims a 95% clean swimming pool.

    • High Flow Returns
    • For those who don’t wish to invest in the in floor cleaning for their swimming pool, we have introduced a new high flow return system which will significantly increase energy efficiency.

    • Automatic Swimming Pool Covers
    • Swimming pool auto covers reduce heating costs. Evaporation is by far the largest source of energy loss for swimming pools, Covering swimming pools when not in use is the single most effective way of reducing heating costs. Savings of 50-70% are possible.

    • Energy Efficient Wind Breaks
    • Adding wind breaks. A 7 mile per hour wind across the surface of a swimming pool can increase heating costs by 300%. Trees, shrubs and fences can reduce crosswinds and improve heating efficiency.

    • Reduce the Temperature
    • Reducing the temperature of the swimming pool by 6 degrees can save you 20% on your heating bill, so instead of heating your pool to 84 degrees try 78.

    • Salt Water Chlorinators
    • Swimming pool salt water chlorinators reduce chemical costs by up to 25% and is a natural alternatives to harsh pool chemicals. Using natural alternatives to chemicals to clean the water in your swimming pool aids in removing damaging chlorine from the air and the groundwater.

    • Replace Swimming Pool Lights
    • Replace inefficient incandescent lamps in your swimming pool with high efficiency compact fluorescents. They consume 1/2 to 1/3 the amount of electricity and last 10 times as long as standard incandescent lamps. Replace standard fluorescent ballasts and lamps with high efficiency bulbs. They will reduce electric consumption of your swimming pool by 30%.

    Click below for Hi-Res Previews:

    Construction Project Photos

    Before swimming pool construction During swimming pool construction

    Completed Project Photos

    Completed swimming pool Custom outdoor kitchen Custom swimming pool Outdoor fireplace Custom outdoor kitchen custom swimming pool spa Waterfall and water slide.

    Case Study: Design ideas for landscaping and swimming pool construction with a natural stone outdoor kitchen and living room.

    The homeowner approached us because they wanted to upgrade every aspect of their existing landscaping. The existing backyard was very flat, had major drainage issues, and was completely devoid of any flowers or plants. It was an unacceptably boring landscape design. The homeowner wanted design ideas for a custom gunite (concrete) inground swimming pool construction with a 7’ natural stone waterfall and several entertaining areas.

    The homeowners described their dream backyard as a vacation destination, the kind of place in which a whole family could spend time together. As the homeowners wanted to be able to entertain guests in their new backyard, we had to design it to be comfortable for a family of four people, but also large enough to accommodate several parties of fifty or more. The main challenge was incorporating all of the aspects desired by the clients while remaining within the stringent lot coverage specifications of the Mahwah zoning department and, also, being sure to leave enough room to play on the swing set or to throw the baseball around in the grass.

      Location: Mahwah, NJ

      Primary Landscape & Inground Gunite Swimming Pool Designer: Bill Moore, licensed NJ Landscape Architect of Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping

      Infield Waterfall & Planting Designer: Chris Cipriano

      Inground Gunite Swimming Pool & Landscape Construction: Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping

      Masonry Construction: Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping

    Solution: A new natural style custom inground gunite (concrete) swimming pool, spa, and large stone waterfall construction. The landscaping design included a Survivor style fire pit, natural stone outdoor kitchen and grill and a fireplace in the outdoor living room.

    Natural Lagoon Style Swimming Pool Construction with Custom Features:

    • Natural salt-water inground swimming pool
    • Inground gunite (concrete) swimming pool construction with over 950 square feet of swimming area.
    • Sun shelf garnished with hand crafted mosaic stone tile just off the shallow end of the swimming pool.
    • Fiber optic pool lighting built into large, natural stone waterfalls.
    • Custom slide blended into the waterfall and landscape.
    • Hand crafted mosaic stone tile set into trim of swimming pool, spa and sun shelf.
    • 200 Tons of fieldstone boulder construction used to build a natural setting waterfall over the swimming pool.
    • Custom spa built into the upper natural stone waterfalls, overflowing into the swimming pool.
    • 12’ long diving rock

    Landscape and Masonry Construction Features:

    • Custom Survivor style fire pit, offered exclusively from Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping.
    • Natural TCO patio surrounding the swimming pool, full range bluestone in the outdoor kitchen and cabana areas, and imported sand stone in the outdoor living room.
    • Large boulders set for swimming pool waterfalls that were blended into the landscape design.
    • Custom Outdoor Kitchen with built in grill and a natural thin stone veneer.
    • Custom outdoor fireplace with hand carved inlays, natural thin stone veneer, and an aged driftwood mantle.
    • Lush gardens of colorful plants with complimenting textures surrounding the swimming pool area, adding layering and depth to the landscaping.
    • New 12” caliper specimen Zelkova and European Hornbeam in the backyard landscape planting, accentuated with transplants from the dense, over planted front yard.

    Our goal for this naturalistic pool project was to transform this property from flat to fabulous. The existing rear yard had a wooden deck and a large open lawn with a play set. By the time we were done, the back yard would be a luxurious space worthy of hosting lavish parties and also perfect for summertime family fun.

    A natural layout was desired for the setting of the custom swimming pool, spa and waterfalls. In order to include such amenities as the sun shelf, the spa, the waterfalls and the slide, the swimming pool’s size grew to 950 square feet. The hydrotherapy spa was incorporated into the waterfall design to allow users to lounge high above the swimming pool, enjoying the views of the backyard landscape. A large berm was set to anchor the waterfalls and to provide a backdrop for transitional boulders and various bulging plant specimens.

    Weathered fieldstone boulders, known as sliders, were used for the construction of the swimming pool waterfalls with sizes ranging form three to twelve tons. The quarrymen named them sliders due to the geologic processes from which they formed. They are boulders that broke free of the mountain thousands of years ago and slid down into the forest below. The spa spills over another boulder creating an additional waterfall cascading into the swimming pool.

    The finishes were paramount in creating a truly refined swimming pool and landscape as opposed to an ordinary, run of the mill backyard swimming pool. An irregular mosaic slate tile was installed at the water line and also at the edge of the steps and shelves. A dark grey plaster was installed to bring forth feelings of a quiet mountain spring. A grey Tennessee Crab Orchard coping and patio were installed. This stone stays relatively cool in the summer sun and also is fairly monotone in color, allowing the boulder waterfalls to stand out. Automated pool control systems and salt-water chlorine generators make maintenance a breeze.

    The built in outdoor kitchen and grill was finished in a thin stone veneer. The appliances included a 48” stainless grill, two refrigerators, a sink, a warming drawer, a garbage receptacle, two storage drawers, and a paper towel dispenser. The beige colored granite compliments the veneer and the low voltage lighting creates a kitchen that is not only functional, but also stylish for evening entertaining. The patio surrounding the outdoor kitchen was done in bluestone and was set in a traditional random regular pattern.

    The outdoor living room was situated just off the dining patio and features a large fireplace finished with a thin stone veneer. The custom carved inlay sits over the aged drift wood mantle. The outdoor living room is the perfect place for the family to gather around the fire at night.

    The sandstone patio (imported from India) has a pebble inlay bordered by 6” bluestone banding.

    The swimming pool and surrounding landscaping came together like a well-orchestrated symphony. All of the pieces working in concert created a breathtaking landscape design. The owner wanted a space that could be used to entertain many guests while not sacrificing the intimacy of a family-friendly back yard. The waterfall is the perfect backdrop for a nighttime soiree or a child’s afternoon birthday bash. As with all Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping projects, the owner received a custom poolscape designed to his individual needs and desires. This custom swimming pool and landscape design offers unique enjoyment opportunities to everyone.


    North East Spa and Swimming Pool Association Design & Construction Award North East Spa and Swimming Pool Association Design & Construction Award North East Spa and Swimming Pool Association Design & Construction Award North East Spa and Pool Association Design & Construction Award
    North East Spa and Pool Association Design & Construction Award North East Spa and Pool Association Design & Construction Award

    Active Members of:

    North east sp and pool assocation association of pool and spa professionals

    APSP Certified Building Professional in Ramsey NJ:

    certified building professional for swimming pools by the association of pool and spa professionals

    The CBP Certified Building Professional® credential is awarded by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals to swimming pool builders who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge in swimming pool and spa construction by successfully passing a rigorous standardized written examination and meeting ongoing continuing education requirements.

    Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping is one of only four swimming pool designer / builders in Bergen County New Jersey to have earned the CBP certification.

    About APSP:

    The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) is the world's largest international trade association representing the swimming pool, spa and hot tub industry. APSP's mission is to promote consumer safety and enhance the business success of its members. Members adhere to a code of business ethics and share a commitment to public health and safety in the use of swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. APSP member companies include swimming pool manufacturers, distributors, manufacturers' agents also swimming pool designers, builders, installers, retailers, and swimming pool service professionals.

    *Our custom swimming pools are only sold as part of a larger multifaced project.