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2009 Gold International Award of Excellence Winner for the design & construction of custom in ground swimming pools & landscapes.
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New Jersey, New York & Connecticut Custom Swimming Pool Renovations

Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping offers state of the art gunite, concrete and fiberglass swimming pool renovations for homeowners looking to upgrade their swimming pool to a custom outdoor living space with today's most luxurious swimming pool amenities. With infinitely growing ideas in swimming pool and landscape design, the possibilities for your swimming pool renovations are endless. Archaic pools can be remodeled into highly-acclaimed, modern masterpieces. Waterfalls, infinity edges, fiber optic lighting, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, relaxing water features, natural stone patios, and glass tile finishes can each do their part in transforming your back yard into the luxury living space you've always wanted.

International award winning design/build firm Cipriano employs a design team headed by a 15-year industry veteran William Moore, a Licensed NJ Landscape Architect. Bill's staff can find the most creative solutions for any of your swimming pool renovation needs. For practical issues, the Cipriano team can provide upgrades such as a saltwater chlorinator or electronic auto-fill. For aesthetic enhancements, glass tile, aggregate plasters or fiber optic lighting to create a state of the art swimming pool. Finally, for large-scale renovations, Cipriano's designs will make the most of your property by accenting a view with options such as vanishing edge swimming pools or accommodating a slope with a waterfall or water wall. Don't settle for uninspiring pool repairs, Cipriano Landscape Design will create your outdoor oasis with landscaping and a swimming pools that rival five star hotels.


More photos of all of the projects below can be found throughout our portfolio section including our award winning photos.

Kinnelon New Jersey Concrete Swimming Pool & Landscape Renovation Before/After

  • Iridescent glass tile in a Grecian key pattern
  • Fiber optic star lights in pool floor
  • Marbleized limestone patio and coping
  • Custom outdoor kitchen
  • Fiber optic deck jets
  • Glass tile vanishing edge swimming pool
  • Tuscan garden design
  • Double roman end design incorporating the spa
  • The old concrete swimming pool did not make the most out of its outstanding location. With the swimming pool set too close to the home, a decaying paver patio, and uninspiring empty landscape spaces, the ugly back yard never reached its potential. The gunite pool renovation called for a focal point to accent an amazing view and a larger patio area to relax and take-in the sights. The swimming pool and landscaping ideas also looked to create a well-lit poolscape that is both safe and captivating.

    The gunite swimming pool renovation highlights a fantastic view of the New York skyline with the addition of a vanishing edge as the back yard's focal point. The floor of the swimming pool features a large, glass tile Grecian key mosaic design and 200 fiber optic star lights. An in-floor cleaning system was also included. A marbleized limestone patio and custom profiled coping replaced the pavers around the pool. Finally, a Tuscan garden design, ornamental statues and urns, and an outdoor kitchen completed the remodeling. In the end, the old, uninspiring pool was renovated and transformed into a classic Roman ended masterpiece with Grecian glass tile, fiber optic illumination, and an eye-catching vanishing edge.

    Allendale New Jersey Fiberglass Swimming Pool & Backyard Remodeling Before/After

  • 22-ton boulder waterfall
  • Sun mosaic on the pool floor
  • Tiki torches
  • Fire pit
  • Tennessee Crab Orchard natural stone patio
  • Full-service outdoor kitchen, custom grill, and cabana
  • The Allendale back yard was fortunate enough to receive a new landscape and pool design from the landscape architecture team at Cipriano. The previous back yard had an outdated cabana and was in desperate need of remodeling. The old fiberglass swimming pool patio and boring brick coping were more of a walkway than an actual patio. In addition, the position of the fiberglass swimming pool and cabana left a number of awkward, unusable spaces. Overall, the outdated style of the inground pool and surrounding yard called for a serious restoration and remodeling.

    In the end, the back yard was completely remodeled by a full-scale pool renovation. The boring geometric shape grew into a resort-like oasis with a free-form design and a 22-ton boulder anchors the waterfall. In order to follow up on the natural style, a flourishing landscape, fire-pit, and tiki torches were included in the design. On the floor of the pool, a sun mosaic was added to highlight the yard as a backyard oasis. Surrounding the swimming pool, a grey TCO patio was extended to encompass a dining area around the fully-equipped cabana, custom grill, and outdoor kitchen. As you can see, this pool renovation went above and beyond refurbishing and restoring.

    Mahwah NJ Concrete Swimming Pool and Spa Remodeling Before/After

  • Iridescent glass tile set in a running bond pattern along the spa wall
  • Matching glass tile at swimming pool waterline
  • Matching glass tile at spa waterline
  • The concrete swimming pool and spa needed an upgrade. The uniqueness of precast veneer on the spa was long gone; instead of accenting the pool as a highlight, it felt like a lifeless part of the swimming pool. To renovate, a more suitable, updated surface was needed to define the perimeters of the swimming pool and spa.

    The uniquely-shaped spa benefitted greatly from its remodeling with the addition of an iridescent glass tile finish. The glass tile was set in a running bond pattern, which extends up from the plaster surface and accentuates the height of the raised spa. The previous swimming pool showcased the spa in structure and shape but failed to address the spa's elevation in style. After a simple renovation, glass tile now runs along the waterline of the pool and spa and covers the outer wall with a smooth, definitive finish. Finally the glass tile spa has the style to match its flashy, spade shape.

    Mahwah New Jersey Fiberglass- Concrete Swimming Pool and Backyard Renovation Before/After

  • Three large waterfalls
  • Living Boulders with moss, ferns, and lichen
  • Volcanic Fire Pit
  • Oversized spa
  • Iridescent glass tile finish
  • Color fiber optic lights
  • Grey Tennessee Crab Orchard patio
  • Renovations were called for as a result of a sloping property and the previous builder's lack of creativity. The fiberglass-gunite swimming pool was set too close to the home and not to scale with the home and back yard. As we began to demolish this strange, elevated pool, we stumbled upon a ledge rock beneath the swimming pool. This explained the quirky design. The previous pool builder opted to raise the pool so as not to deal with the ledge rock underground. We, on the other hand, decided to use waterfalls to deal with the slope and a massive rock hammer to handle the exposed ledge rock.

    The new pool design showcases a massive natural swimming pool with three waterfalls, a Volcanic Fire Pit, raised spa, Living Boulders, and a full, diverse landscape. Benefitting from the yard's slope, rushing waterfalls fill the swimming pool as a stream flows over the rocks from a thick forest in the background. The new location of the pool created more room for a TCO dining and entertainment patio. Glass tile finishes, color LED pool lights, and fiber optic spot lights complete the large-scale swimming pool renovation and bring style to the rugged retreat.

    Sea Girt NJ Concrete Swimming Pool and Backyard Restoration Before/After

  • Limestone swimming pool patio
  • Template cut limestone coping
  • Aggregate pool plaster
  • Limestone patio inlay to frame dining table
  • Slate tile
  • Simple plantings to open up the small space
  • Restoration was a huge necessity in the New Jersey back yard. The beach house concrete swimming pool was surrounded by a bluestone patio and a mess of plantings. Bluestone patios are very dense, and should never be used in full sun swimming pool decking. The stone becomes too hot for bare feet and will expand and contract more than most stone, causing damage if not maintained on an annual basis.

    The concrete swimming pool was re-plastered with an aggregate finish and a slate tile. The limestone coping was template cut and profiled on site. A limestone that matches the coping was used for the patio replacing the old bluestone patio with a smooth, formal touch. The limestone will not heat up like bluestone and provides an elegant style. A circle inlay in the limestone patio was included to highlight the dining area. The overgrown landscape was replaced with simple plantings that open up the small outdoor living space for a more comfortable feel. This project illustrates that a well thought out renovation and remodeling can change the entire ambiance of a swimming pool and landscape area.

    Upper Saddle River New Jersey Concrete Swimming Pool & Backyard Restoration Before/After

  • Aggregate pool plaster
  • Grey Tennessee Crab Orchard pool patio
  • Limestone swimming pool coping
  • Masses of perennials, shrubs, and ornamental trees
  • The outdated concrete swimming pool definitely needed a restoration. The pavers in the patio were settling & fading. The clay coping was outdated. The waterline tile and the pool plaster was cracked and in disrepair. The landscape was overcrowded and the large trees next to the swimming pool seemed out of place and overgrown.

    The NJ concrete swimming pool restoration features a new Grey Tennessee Crab Orchard patio in an irregular, random pattern; the stone and pattern were chosen to complement the freeform pool. The limestone coping gives the pool a smooth contrasting look and is gentle on the skin. Aggregate pool plaster was part of the interior pool restoration and will last 15 to 20 years. The color, a darker finish, allows the pool to stand out among the neutral colors of the patio and coping. To finish the job, large perennial and shrub masses were planted beneath the smaller ornamental trees to create a more relaxed setting.

    With over 60 awards of excellence since 2006, Cipriano Landscape Design is the one company that has every solution for concrete, gunite and fiberglass swimming pool renovations NJ and restorations in the New Jersey Tri State area. With our design and build firm, you get a 10 year veteran NJ certified landscape architect, masons that have installed over 100,00 square feet of natural stone patios, and professionals who can perform complex swimming pool and water feature design and construction. Other services include plantings by licensed plant growers and dealers, organic estate management, award winning outdoor kitchen design and construction, night lighting design and installation, custom cabana design, and much more. For your convenience, you can have all of these things without hiring another company for any of these aspects of your project. As a licensed home improvement contractor, licensed irrigation contractor, licensed plant dealer, and certified building professional by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP), Cipriano can not only complete your entire swimming pool and landscape renovation but has the licenses, experience, and skill to do so at the highest national level. Be sure to ask about our lifetime pool and plant warranty!