Creative Cabana Ideas from NJ Luxury Swimming Pool Designer

Creative Cabana Ideas from NJ Luxury Swimming Pool Designer

What’s the difference between a cabana and an outhouse?  12X international swimming pool design winner shares some cabana design ideas to engage your guests.

What’s the difference between a cabana and an outhouse? If you have to go into the cabana through a side door and only have windows looking out into the landscape, there will be no interaction with the outdoor living space. A functional, creative, well thought-out design will make it much more than a box with a bathroom inside. Creative cabana ideas tie the structure into the landscape design, the surrounding architecture of the home, and the lifestyle of the homeowner. Here are some key suggestions we offer to any NY or NJ homeowners looking for the perfect backyard cabana design.

Overhead Structures

Cabanas with overhead structures, known as pavilions, enhance outdoor living in a cool way. First of all, the pavilion is the first step to blending the cabana architecture with your outdoor living. Pavilions offer shade and style, usually with beautiful columns. They provide shady, relaxing spots for dining areas or outdoor living rooms.

Roll-Down Doors

One great feature we commonly utilize for the cabana is the rolling door or shutter. These doors open up large windows to connect with the outdoor living area. Those inside the cabana get to experience fresh air while guests outside can be served food and drinks through the opening. These doors can be conveniently closed during poor weather as well.

Bar Seating

Bar seating is an excellent way to engage guests while in the cabana . It can be incorporated within the structure in a number of ways. To go along nicely with the roll-up doors or shutters, we like to incorporate bar seating. This design allows you to serve friends and family from inside the cabana while they chat along the bar.


You have some flexibility with this option. Obviously a television inside the cabana would be nice; we believe the key is to offer the cabana TV option alongside your outdoor living. For instance, we have utilized roll-up shutters, bar seating, and televisions to provide a “sports bar” feel to the cabana.  Imagine sitting at the cabana bar, looking through the roll-down door, and watched the game on the big-screen mounted to the back wall.

Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers are probably the most popular cabana feature. They can be tucked away on the side of the cabana, and they will be utilized much more than any indoor shower during the warm-weather months. The convenience and novelty of the outdoor shower will prove very useful. We always like to include these in our cabana designs.

Misting Systems

Underneath cabana pavilions, we have installed convenient misting systems. Shady pavilions are a cool retreat from the hot sun, but the only retreat from hot air is a nice misting system. These systems are installed along the perimeter of pavilions to create cooler patio spaces. They provide exceptional relaxation areas outside the cabana.

Details & Decoration

Now, lastly, let’s get down to details. The design of the cabana structure itself requires integration into its surroundings. We tend to use details from the home, pool, or landscape to tie the structures together. For further detail, we love to utilize amazing chandeliers or exquisite ceiling fans as a centerpiece for pavilions!

Our experience with cabanas shows us that details and functionality make all the difference. If you don’t tie the cabana into the outdoor living space, you may end up with a shed or an outhouse instead of that luxury cabana you’ve been dreaming about. Focus on functionality and the quality of your outdoor living. Use the architecture and style to accentuate the landscaping design with creative ideas. Inground pools, landscapes, and cabanas can transform your back yard. If you have any questions about how to do this, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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