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BBQ Grill, Outdoor Kitchen & Bar Design Ideas- NJ Construction

Monday, April 9th, 2012

BBQ Grill, Outdoor Kitchen & Bar Design Ideas- NJ Construction

Luxury living can best be described in three words: style, comfort, and convenience. Nothing brings style, comfort, and convenience into the outdoor living space like a beautiful, well-designed outdoor kitchen. Today’s luxurious outdoor living spaces require more than just a simple BBQ Design. The standard BBQ is being replaced by full service outdoor kitchens that look even more beautiful than those inside the home. Almost every appliance you can imagine can be included in a NJ outdoor kitchen design. In order to brainstorm some BBQ design ideas or full outdoor kitchen design ideas, imagine bringing your indoor kitchen into the back yard. Here are some popular outdoor kitchen and BBQ design features that extend luxury living into the outdoor living space:

Backsplash- Outdoor kitchen and BBQ backsplash is similar to any backsplash inside the home. From the top of the countertop, behind the stove, on the wall behind the sink and appliances, backsplashes protect the wall or structure from splashes. For outdoor kitchens and BBQs, the backsplash serves the same purpose but has some bonus aesthetic features as well. The backsplash height variation creates depth. For style, we try to add contrast with exciting materials such as glass tile and mosaic features.

NJ BBQ Design Idea

Seating- Seating in the outdoor kitchen, BBQ, or bar can play a significant role in the comfort of the setting and the overall success of the outdoor living space. Seating makes the outdoor kitchen a destination for everyone to enjoy. With bar seating, the BBQ becomes open and inviting from both sides of the structure. Always make sure there is a comfortable place for you and your guests to enjoy a meal. If you live in the northern hemisphere and have full southern exposure, consider incorporating an umbrella, pergola, or pergola with a retractable awning. These structures will help protect you and your guests from the hot summer sun.

Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola Awning and Bar

Lighting- Outdoor kitchen BBQ lighting has practical advantages, but it also creates a better looking, more inviting structure as well. The lighting can illuminate the beautiful structure and allow for evening cooking in the outdoor kitchen. The BBQ features can be enjoyed well into the night with the proper, accentual night lighting. A tip for lighting a BBQ structures is to try to conceal the accent lighting in the structure. This will create a softly-lit kitchen without any hot spots or too many fixtures that may take away from the beauty of the structure during the day.

Full Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen backsplash, seating, and lighting enhance the style, comfort, and convenience of the outdoor kitchen and BBQ. They help to bring all the luxuries of indoor kitchens out into the back yard. In addition to these three basic features, there are a host of other appliances and amenities to consider for your outdoor grill. The three most popular features for that new outdoor grill are a side burner, refrigerator, and pull-out garbage storage. These features, combined with some of our other popular BBQ design ideas, create functional outdoor kitchens that look great and benefit the comfort and style of the entire luxury outdoor living space.