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Concrete Patio Resurfacing NJ– Stamped Overlay Concrete Surfaces NJ

Saturday, March 26th, 2011


With all the snow we’ve received in New Jersey this winter, you may not have seen most of your patio and walkways in months. Now that spring has arrived, I encourage you to take a look at your NJ landscaping, particularly your masonry paths, steps, and walkways. Are they worn and dated? Do they have chips and exposed aggregate, possibly from the stress of this cold winter? A stamp overlay could be the perfect solution for your concrete patio, driveway, and walkway problems.

A stamp overlay provides a quarter-inch thick concrete resurfacing that will renew your patios and walkways in strength and appearance. If the concrete is badly cracked, it will call for a repair or replacement, but if the concrete is just worn and unsightly, a simple resurfacing will do the trick. First, an acrylic or later primer is applied. Then, the thin layer of cement is applied. After that, the new surfaced is stamped with a texture to make it look like new. In the end, the resurfacing process is extremely convenient since the very thin layer (1/4″) can easily match any elevations of existing structures such as steps or coping.

There are two types of stamp overlays, cementitious and elastomeric. Each of them can be stamped, colored, and stained in a variety of patterns that can even mimic natural stone. A cementitious resurfacing option is a strong, waterproof coating system that can be modified with specific colors and stains to achieve the decorative look that the name suggests. This new surface is even advertised as freeze/thaw resistant. In addition, the new surface will resist deicing salts, which may be extremely valuable if next winter is anything like this one.