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Luxury Pools Magazine Profiles NJ Custom Swimming Pool and Landscaping Company

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

If I were to describe the key to a successful swimming pool and landscape in one word, I would probably say “balance.” This Spring, our team at Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping of Mahwah, NJ shows how to use a luxury pool and landscape to find balance in the outdoor living space. The unique forum for this demonstration comes not only in practice but also in the pages of Luxury Pools Magazine. In the very first pages of the biannual periodical, the luxury pool magazine dedicates a three-page spread to our design and build firm. Here, I took the opportunity to outline three examples of luxury pools that met a number of challenges throughout design and construction. In the end, each of them blended seamlessly into its surroundings and provided every piece of functionality called for by the homeowner’s lifestyle. Let’s take a quick look at the balance achieved by these pool design ideas:

Ridgewood, NJ: Small Lot in a Flood Plain Calls for Privacy and Quiet Relaxation

On a small lot in Ridgewood, NJ, a luxury pool called for privacy from nearby neighbors and a safe, permissible solution to its location in a flood plain. By obtaining a variance for construction from the town, our licensed NJ landscape architect Bill Moore was able to simply raise the coping 18” and prevent flooding in the pool. For privacy, a decorative barrier wall rests behind the small pool and also serves as the backdrop for the pool’s hand-crafted fountains, antique medallion, and fiber optic lights.  Planting layers, two large potted plants on either end of the privacy wall, and a cool, quartzite patio complete the outdoor oasis with a natural feel.

Tips for Small Back Yards: Make the most of your space! Integrate dining areas and pool areas in order to have dual-functioning spaces.  When planting trees for screening a small back yard, use trees with compact growth habits. I prefer hollies and arborvitae over spruce or fir. If you’re designing a pool and have children, try not to let the pool dominate the entire back yard. Kids need open space.

Saddle River, NJ: Steep Yard and Tough Township Meet Creative Design

In Saddle River, NJ, a back yard included strict township regulations, a steep slope, and a 26-foot elevation change. Our solution was a luxury swimming pool with multiple waterfalls pouring in and a natural vanishing edge flowing out. To accommodate the elevation change over a short distance, boulders on the vanishing edge pool were set vertically to mimic outcroppings overlooking the Hudson River. As the waterfalls drown the noise of a nearby highway, the homeowner can relax on the pool patio or entertain on the dining patio or outdoor kitchen.  Boulder rockeries retained the slope in the landscape and the lush plantings softened the massive stones to create the tranquil scenery.

Tips for Properties with Large Slopes: If you’re going for a natural look, rockeries can be used in lieu of retaining walls on steeply sloped properties. Rockeries not only blend into the landscape but they also cut your cost by up to 2/3rds. Planting in large masses also helps maintain the natural look over a large slope. Of course, you can add a couple of special, stand-out pieces, but by keeping it simple, you can create great transitions without breaking the bank.

Kinnelon, NJ: Luxury Pool with Every Amenity Requires Fine Skill and Detail

The goals of a Kinnelon, NJ pool were to accent views across a New Jersey valley, provide room to relax and take in the sights, and create a safe, well-lit pool at night. We chose a glass tile infinity edge pool to accent the view by offering an uninterrupted line of sight. A cool, formal Limestone patio provides plenty of space to relax by the pool and enjoy the benefits of a full outdoor kitchen and grill. Additionally, 200 fiber optic lights were carefully installed in the floor of the pool, and none were damaged during plastering and glass tile work.  Around the pool, a Tuscan style landscape included large masses of summer blooming shrubs and perennials. Ornamental statues were also scattered about the landscape in order to tie the entire classical scene together.

Tips for Budgeting Luxury Amenities in Your Landscape: Once you choose your focal point, be sure to spotlight that area first. If you have options all over the place you will definitely have a hard time maintaining a budget.   Remember it all starts with a great design. You can double the cost of a project with your material choices! Once you have great layout, it’s up to you to pick materials within your budget.  When you’re choosing a builder, try to find someone who has a lot of experience with high-end construction. One outdoor kitchen or fireplace doesn’t make someone an “Outdoor Living Expert”!

Our team’s preparation, ingenuity, and experience allowed us to meet the goals of our clients and the challenges of the properties in each of these back yards. Every luxury pool balances beautifully with the lifestyle of the homeowner and the overall surroundings of the outdoor living space. To read more about our swimming pool and landscape design approach, pick up a copy of the Spring 2011 issue of Luxury Pools magazine.