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NJ Swimming Pool Builder Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools – Tips for Water Safety Month

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

It’s National Water Safety Month. Time to check on the safety of your inground pool or aboveground pool! Already this year, 75 drowning or near-drowning incidents have been reported in the United States. Let’s take pool safety month as an opportunity to raise awareness of water and swimming pool safety.

Cipriano’s Pool Safety Tips:

1. Always provide strict adult supervision.

2 Utilize and examine approved swimming pool and spa safety covers.

3. Use drains, suction/return fittings, and jets that meet industry standards for safety, and do not let anyone swim in pools with damaged or missing drain covers!
4. Look at diving boards, rocks, platforms or slides prior to annual use. Repair if necessary.
5. Inspect electrical equipment to avoid any potential hazards.

6. Check for loose pool patio stones and coping stones or tile. Repair them if necessary.

7. Use fences, self-closing and latching gates, and baby barriers. Be sure that these barriers function properly and provide adequate protection in terms of minimal spacing between bars in the fence and gate. Supervision is much more difficult when you don’t know who’s around the pool.

8. To follow up on this point, install exit alarms on doors providing access to the swimming pool and spa.

9. Assure that sanitization, circulation, and filtration systems ensure water clarity. Clear water aids in identifying soakers and swimmers in danger. It also helps swimmers avoid dangerous collisions in the water.
10. Learn how to perform CPR because accidents can happen.


Remember: Swimmies or other inflatable flotation devices are not life jackets and should never be used to replace adult supervision. Also, remove toys from the pool when it is not in use so as not to attract children to the water.