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Patio Lighting Design Ideas NJ–Cipriano Landscape Design

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Patio Lighting Design Ideas NJ–Cipriano Landscape Design

Our patio lighting design ideas feature various techniques that bring safety, functionality, and ambiance to various patio and walkway areas.

When designing outdoor living patios, our goal is to provide more than just a suitable surface for cooking, dining, walking, and lounging. We want to make the most out of these essential patio areas; incorporating a well-designed lighting plan is essential to reaching that goal. Now the question arises, “How do I properly light my patios?” In this blog, I would like to share a bit about how we strive for the best possible patio lighting. At Cipriano, we use various techniques that bring safety, functionality, and ambiance to the outdoor living space.

With our patio lighting design ideas, we take a rather minimalist approach to patio and landscape lighting. Our techniques tend to accentuate the surroundings with simple, yet elegant lighting fixtures. Discreetly down-lighting a masonry structure, for example, will showcase the depth of the stone and illuminate the patio without highlighting the lighting fixture itself. This approach can be implemented by countersinking light fixtures in the walls, wall caps, steps, and so on. To give you another example, lighting under countertops in an outdoor kitchen will illuminate the base of the structure and the surrounding patio for a nice, soft, safe touch.

Proper lighting designs may focus on distinguishing various scenes. If the path lights on the patio and landscape lighting are all grouped together, then you lose the convenience of controlling primary and secondary lighting scenes. Big back yards can highlight multiple swimming pool, landscaping, and patio scenes in distinct ways if done effectively.

For the typical yard, putting safety first and foremost, you might try to light main pathways and patio areas as your primary scene. Up-light focal points such as trees and architectural elements in the landscape, and down-light open areas or other feature elements of the landscape design as secondary scenes to achieve the right sort of balance and functionality. Now with the convenience of LED lighting, you can put more lights and multiple scenes on one transformer; the key is to take advantage of that without over-lighting or creating hotspots. More soft lights are much more desirable than giant floodlights next to the patio.

I hope these tips and techniques may be helpful to you as you look for proper patio lighting designs to fit your outdoor living space and style. Try to stay away from lighting the space too much. It may seem like a great way to make the patio functional, but it can be somewhat uncomfortable and blind guests who want to gaze out upon your pool landscaping. Try to find a balance with a minimalist approach to patio lighting design. By softly lighting structures and pathways, you will have a safe, functional area that allows your landscape architecture and masonry design to shine.