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Most Popular NJ Pool Features: Sun Shelf & Colored LED Lights

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Most Popular NJ Pool Features: Sun Shelf & Colored LED Lights

See the Two Most Popular Swimming Pool Options from NJ Inground Swimming Pool Contractor Cipriano Landscape Design: The Sun Shelf & Colored LED Pool Lighting

From massive waterfalls to fiber optic star lights to “dive-in movie theaters,” the options are limitless for custom, luxury swimming pools. As a NJ pool builder, I am often asked, “What is the most popular swimming pool option?” Cipriano Landscape Design’s years of experience have provided a lot of insight in the pool options most requested for NY and NJ pool designs. In no particular order, here are my choices for the two most popular swimming pool options!

1. Sun Shelf

The sun shelf is one of the two most popular swimming pool features. Sun shelves are basically a massive step or landing beneath the surface of the water. They can really be any shape or size, depending on your pool design. In general, they range from 3 inches to 12 inches deep. On the sun shelf, you can tan comfortably as if you’re on the shores of a beach, slightly submerged in water to stay cool while soaking up the sun at the same time. Similarly, you can take a chaise lounge and place it on the sun shelf. For times when the sun is too hot, we’ve incorporated an umbrella into the sun shelf. The sun shelf feature is most popular for moms with young ones; children will frolic around on the sun shelf as parents lounge comfortably in the water or on a chair beside them. The sun shelf is also the most popular spot for teenagers to “hang out.”

2. Colored LED Pool Lighting

Color LED pool lighting has taken the pool industry by storm. The cool feature brings enjoyment and excitement to inground pools by illuminating them in a wide range of colors at night. Today’s homeowners want to be able to enjoy their swimming pool at night, even if only for aesthetics. Color LED lights create a 24-hour swimming pool and back yard. With the lights on, you can completely set the mood for the yard and produce a functional outdoor living area that is safe to use after sundown. You can really impress guests with custom lighting displays that are programmed or remote controlled. In addition to its function, safety, and style, colored LED pool lighting is also quite efficient, providing the most cost-effective lighting option within the pool. Other lighting options, which are less common but even more spectacular, include fiber optic starlights, fiber optic deck jets, and fiber optic rope lighting.

If you would like to include these options in your pool design, look for a pool design company with the most experience incorporating these popular features into the design. These companies will be familiar with how many lights are necessary to illuminate a massive pool or simply where to include a sun shelf to make the most of the pool and landscape design. If you have any questions about these two popular pool options or if you’d like to hear about some of the most exciting pool features available for 2013, do not hesitate to give us a call.