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NJ Landscaping and Pool Designs for Small Backyards

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Have you ever wondered whether you can transform your small backyard landscape into a fully functional outdoor living space? Have you spent any amount of time trying to figure out if a swimming pool could fit in your small backyard? This year, our team completed two NJ pool and landscape design projects in small backyards. The Ridgewood landscape design and Upper Saddle River pool and spa design reveal the great potential of landscape and pool designs in small yards. Let’s take a brief look at the challenges presented by these two yards and the solutions we found to overcome them.

Before we began, the small Ridgewood backyard featured a design that lacked functionality. The upper pool area was surrounded by an awkwardly shaped, outdated brick patio with a grill stuck in the corner. To get to the lower patio, there was an enormous staircase that used up a lot of usable space in the small backyard. The lower patio area was also outdated, and it was too small to really provide any comfortable outdoor living amenities.

How did we solve these various issues with the existing landscape? We replaced the large staircase with smaller steps and a natural stone veneer wall; the wall uses much less area than the staircase and created much more room for a comfortable outdoor living space. Instead of leaving the two small patios, the new design produced one larger, more functional space with a dining patio, bar, outdoor kitchen, and hot tub. These various features provide small, comfortable gathering places in the now larger outdoor living area. All of the amenities were visually integrated into the new landscape design using the upgraded natural stone materials. The natural stone veneer wall even wraps around the portable hot tub for a seamless look.

The Upper Saddle River yard faced similar problems as well as some other challenges due to the magnitude of the project. First of all, the old yard had a small, ancient patio that really didn’t meet the luxurious wishes of the homeowner. On top of that, most of the yard was cutoff by some unnecessary tree and shrub plantings. When you’re short on space, cutting the yard in half with large plantings is not usually the way to go. With a clean slate, the challenge of the small backyard was to include all the amenities the homeowner wanted while maintaining an uncluttered, comfortable setting. The new design also faced strict property setbacks.

The new landscape and pool design includes a perimeter overflow pool, spa, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and multiple patio areas. How did we fit these features into the small backyard? We took advantage of every inch of usable space. In fact, the luxury pool design avoided side and rear yard setbacks with only half-an-inch to spare. The unique modern design used multiple patio areas, walls, and water features to give the small yard such strong appeal. The yard features four distinct areas: the kitchen, pool, living room, and spa. The clean organization matches the sleek modern style of the design. Also included in the design was glass fencing; the glass fence accommodated the homeowner’s safety concerns for his children and maintained the clean, open look of the small, modern backyard. Where the project lacks in size and grandeur, it excels with details and finishes. Natural stone, artistic stamped concrete, glass tile, water features, fire features, and fiber optic lighting add excitement and elegance to the scene.

With brilliant designs from our NJ landscape architecture team and quality workmanship from all of our staff, these two small backyards rose to the top of their class at the NJLCA awards this year. The Ridgewood, NJ landscape renovation earned an award of merit in the residential category, while the Upper Saddle River, NJ swimming pool and landscape design earned the highest award of excellence in the residential project. The award of excellence for the Upper Saddle River pool was dubbed “the big kahuna” by the emcee of the award show. This year’s two awards bring our NJLCA award total to a whopping 25 awards since 2007! Congratulations, again, to the entire Cipriano team. Keep up the good work!