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The Best Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas by NJ Backyard Expert

Monday, February 11th, 2013

The Best Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas by NJ Backyard Expert

Design Ideas for Outdoor Kitchens- The Latest Backyard Hotspot! What Makes Them Great? NJ Backyard Expert Shares His Favorite Outdoor Kitchen Features

Would you like to know some of the best options available for a superior backyard amenity? Some of our past blogs have detailed crucial landscape design elements for the outdoor kitchen and the style of outdoor kitchens, but I would also like to take

a moment to note some specific outdoor kitchen options like the best appliances to add and the most unique features to include. Depending upon preference, priority, and lifestyle, some of these options will be more important to you personally than others. The key is to get an idea of all of your options and make that luxury outdoor kitchen decision accordingly.

Here are some of our favorite outdoor kitchen options:

1. Grill

The grill is the first, basic must-have item in the outdoor kitchen. Some crucial considerations for the grill are the size, how often you cook, what you grill, and how much you entertain family and friends. Personally, I grill a lot, 4 nights a week, and I fill my 48” grill 75% of the time. Along with meats and fish, I fill the grill with seasoned squash, corn and eggplant. In all honesty, my next grill will be a 54” unit. I have clients that seldom grill, and they are happy with their 36” unit. Everyone is different but keep this in mind when choosing your grill size.

2. Bar Seating

Bar seating is a great addition to the outdoor kitchen. This option will make the most of the space and really enhance the outdoor entertainment factor. Picture yourself using the grill with three or four friends sitting comfortably at the bar, laughing and enjoying one another’s company. The bar seating really adds to the convivial nature of the outdoor kitchen, creating the perfect place for family and friends to cook, chat, eat, and drink.

3. Fridge

When the weather gets hot and the sun beats down on your outdoor entertaining space, you may look to the outdoor kitchen for some relief. In this case, you’ll find that a refrigerator is a convenience you don’t want to be without. Grab cool refreshments from the fridge or store some food out there for enjoyable outdoor snacking. For big entertainers, we suggest two refrigerators to accommodate all of the food and drinks you will need.

4. Burners

Burners, or side burners, are a nice addition to the outdoor kitchen countertop. They transform the counter into an outdoor stove. If you like to sauté, burners will be invaluable to you. I have a very finicky eater in the family, and it’s so convenient to cook her pasta outside while I’m tending to the grill! The combination of grilling and sautéing will make you look like a master chef behind the BBQ.

5. Sink/Dishwasher

While they add significant cost to the luxury outdoor kitchen, sinks and dishwashers may be of great convenience to you. These amenities are for the ultimate outdoor entertainers who serve many a meal on the back patio. Who wants to bring dishes in and out of the house for cleaning? The sink and dishwasher give you a little more independence and yet another reason to stay outside this summer.

6. Television

A television is a fun way to liven up the space. If you choose to include this fun option, you can watch the game outside while you cook on the grill for a few buddies. It’s a must for true sports fans and has its advantages for anyone looking for the ultimate outdoor entertainment. We are currently installing an outdoor kitchen with a 70-inch, retractable outdoor TV.

7. Backsplash

Another way to increase the function and style of your outdoor kitchen is to include a backsplash. In addition to your fine choice of stone and countertops, the backsplash functions practically as a way to light your counter space and provide a durable surface from which to serve. Aesthetically, I suggest using glass tile to add some detail and sharp color to the structure. It’s a great way to customize your outdoor kitchen!

8. Toe-Kick Heater or Radiant Patio Heating Systems

If you cook in the winter as much as I do, these are 2 very functional options. A toe-kick heater will keep your feet warm while you stand in front of the grill. Radiant heat will keep the patio warm from beneath the stone! I prefer the radiant heating beneath the patio because I don’t have to worry about shoveling or ice build up from the back door all the way to the grill. It’s a great solution for weary “shovelers.”

9. Pergola, Umbrella, or Strategically Placed Shade Tree

One careful consideration for your outdoor kitchen installation is shade protection, such as a pergola, umbrella, or strategically placed shade tree. When you’re grilling on a hot day, the sun and the fire in front of you can make it a bit warm. Using a pergola, umbrella, or tree to provide shade can make the kitchen space much more enjoyable without blocking you off from the outdoor living experience.

10. LED Lighting

Don’t you hate walking outside with a flashlight just to cook on your grill? LED lighting for the outdoor kitchen will make it functional for simple nighttime cooking or large evening gatherings in the back yard. The lighting is functional, safe, and adds to the look of the back yard after dark.

BONUS: Warming Drawer

The warming drawer is the best-kept secret of the outdoor kitchen. This option provides a place to keep food warm until it’s time to get out of the pool and dig in. One of my favorite uses, and certainly the one your kids will love the most, is to put  towels in the warming drawer to warm them up on those cooler evenings when the kids hop out of the pool or spa!

Luxury outdoor kitchens are extremely functional and a great way to enjoy family and friends. I hope we’ve provided you with useful information as far as your outdoor kitchen options are concerned. Remember the combination of gas, electricity, and water in an outdoor structure can be extremely dangerous and, if not built properly, can be deadly. Experience is key to ensure proper construction. Many online contractors advertise outdoor kitchens. When researching and considering a designer or builder, be sure the company has a lot of structures displayed on their website. If you land on a webpage that has advertised outdoor kitchens and they don’t have any displayed, you may want to consider other alternatives. Good luck and enjoy!!!!!!

BBQ Grill, Outdoor Kitchen & Bar Design Ideas- NJ Construction

Monday, April 9th, 2012

BBQ Grill, Outdoor Kitchen & Bar Design Ideas- NJ Construction

Luxury living can best be described in three words: style, comfort, and convenience. Nothing brings style, comfort, and convenience into the outdoor living space like a beautiful, well-designed outdoor kitchen. Today’s luxurious outdoor living spaces require more than just a simple BBQ Design. The standard BBQ is being replaced by full service outdoor kitchens that look even more beautiful than those inside the home. Almost every appliance you can imagine can be included in a NJ outdoor kitchen design. In order to brainstorm some BBQ design ideas or full outdoor kitchen design ideas, imagine bringing your indoor kitchen into the back yard. Here are some popular outdoor kitchen and BBQ design features that extend luxury living into the outdoor living space:

Backsplash- Outdoor kitchen and BBQ backsplash is similar to any backsplash inside the home. From the top of the countertop, behind the stove, on the wall behind the sink and appliances, backsplashes protect the wall or structure from splashes. For outdoor kitchens and BBQs, the backsplash serves the same purpose but has some bonus aesthetic features as well. The backsplash height variation creates depth. For style, we try to add contrast with exciting materials such as glass tile and mosaic features.

NJ BBQ Design Idea

Seating- Seating in the outdoor kitchen, BBQ, or bar can play a significant role in the comfort of the setting and the overall success of the outdoor living space. Seating makes the outdoor kitchen a destination for everyone to enjoy. With bar seating, the BBQ becomes open and inviting from both sides of the structure. Always make sure there is a comfortable place for you and your guests to enjoy a meal. If you live in the northern hemisphere and have full southern exposure, consider incorporating an umbrella, pergola, or pergola with a retractable awning. These structures will help protect you and your guests from the hot summer sun.

Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola Awning and Bar

Lighting- Outdoor kitchen BBQ lighting has practical advantages, but it also creates a better looking, more inviting structure as well. The lighting can illuminate the beautiful structure and allow for evening cooking in the outdoor kitchen. The BBQ features can be enjoyed well into the night with the proper, accentual night lighting. A tip for lighting a BBQ structures is to try to conceal the accent lighting in the structure. This will create a softly-lit kitchen without any hot spots or too many fixtures that may take away from the beauty of the structure during the day.

Full Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen backsplash, seating, and lighting enhance the style, comfort, and convenience of the outdoor kitchen and BBQ. They help to bring all the luxuries of indoor kitchens out into the back yard. In addition to these three basic features, there are a host of other appliances and amenities to consider for your outdoor grill. The three most popular features for that new outdoor grill are a side burner, refrigerator, and pull-out garbage storage. These features, combined with some of our other popular BBQ design ideas, create functional outdoor kitchens that look great and benefit the comfort and style of the entire luxury outdoor living space.