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3 Fire Pit Designs – Backyard Swimming Pool Ideas-Alpine NJ

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

3 Fire Pit Designs For Backyard Swimming Pool Ideas- Alpine NJ

Alpine NJ – Fire pits are one of the most popular backyard features for today’s swimming pool designs. Firewood, gas and gas assisted fire pits extend your outdoor enjoyment.

Fire pits are one of the most popular backyard features for today’s homeowners. The fire pit is attractive for its practical, aesthetic, and social benefits. The feature provides warmth and light, extending your outdoor enjoyment well into the night and deep into the fall season. Now, how do we fit this versatile feature into pool designs? Fire and water go together like…Well, maybe not exactly. Fire and water usually don’t mix, but within the landscape design, their possibilities are endless. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities as they relate to fire pits and your swimming pool design.

First, let’s consider the fire pit as a distinct feature in the outdoor living space. Fire pits can work for the landscape design by providing a nice getaway within the backyard living space; the feature can be distinguished on its own as a supplement to the swimming pool. One fire pit we designed and built features a gas-assisted, wood-burning fire that fits perfectly, yet distinctly into the back yard. The natural fieldstone structure complements the bluestone patio for a unique look.

Now as we move towards closer integration of the fire pit into swimming pool designs, I can describe another Cipriano fire pit in Alpine, NJ. The Survivor-style, campfire fire pit creates a poolside destination. Set adjacent to the pool patio, this natural, relaxation destination provides a comfortable place to gather and enjoy the sights of the nearby pool and cabana. The rugged fire emerges from the center of natural stone slabs.

For complete integration, let’s take a look at another NJ fire pit, the Volcanic Fire Pit! This pool design fully integrates the light, warmth, and beauty of fire. Set in a small cave beside the rushing waterfalls, the gas-powered flame rises above a bed of sparkling crushed glass. The balance between blazing fire and rushing water adds intrigue to the setting from all across the yard. As an outdoor living destination, the fire pit design actually functions to provide warmth and light for the spa. Overall, in a special way, our Volcanic Fire Pit serves as an attractive focal point and a destination for adventurous souls excited to get a closer look.

All of these fire pits function differently in the outdoor living space. Experience and creativity can dictate the success of the fire pit and swimming pool design according to your priorities and lifestyle. All of the fire pit designs were installed with extra safety features to ensure a fun, functional, and safe back yard. If you have any questions, please give us a call. As a pool builder and landscaping expert who has extensive experience with fire features, I am sure we can answer any questions you may have.